Open Access In A Pocket is a small book with big impact. It serves as an introductory and reference guide to the important, yet often unfamiliar topic of Open Access, providing both information and inspiration by creatively remixing images of small treasures that could fit in a pocket. The first book was realized with works from the Met Collection, a series of other books is planned in a potential cooperation with as many museums as possible to further democratize access to knowledge and culture in this digital age. The guiding principle and creative motivation behind Open Access In A Pocket: Create something new out of the existing.

Open Access is the idea of free access to different data, for example images of historical artworks. There already is an enormous amount of data freely available to the public on the internet, published by museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York among many others.


Open Access In A Pocket empowers the idea of Open Access by featuring different museums and their artworks — with a focus on small, hidden gems that could fit in your pocket, just like this book.


The package, containting the book, individual postcards from remixed artworks, and stickers.


Individual for each museum.


Resources for open access data and creatively remixed artworks for inspiration after the guiding principle: Create something new out of the existing.


Design System

For each museum, an individual, open source typeface is used — in case of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the IBM Plex typeface. It is availble under the SIL Open Font License 1.1 and is free for private purposes, but also for commercial use and can even be modified and distributed.

Creative Coding mixed with free access to open frameworks like the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection API provide an opportunity to explore art and culture in a creative way. This example shows artworks in their original size on screen by using a black rectangle. Its dimensions are based on the data from the API.

Fabian Heller


There is no actual cooperation or any other form of relation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or any other museum.


The One Club for Creativity / New York
1x Silver in Branding Systems / Identities